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SEO is a very important part of any digital marketing strategy. We are not the only agency that offers SEO services in Barcelona, but we are one of the few who are highly specialized on it.

With our experience and methodology we will get your company to the first positions on Google. More visibility means more selling, and we will focus on achieve your company’s goals. 

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How do we work?


Each project is different and needs a unique web positioning strategy, thought to achieve its specific goals. Eventhough there are some quality standards that we always apply in each of them.

  • Analysis of your company's digital environment

    We will make a complete audit of your digital environment: your digital competence, your target audience, a technical analysis of your website and also how you communicate with your audience. .

  • Strategy's definition

    Having the analysis on mind, we will define an strategy specially thought to achieve your comapny's goals, and also adapted to your resources.

  • Creation or optimization of your digital space

    We will do it always with the aim of get you to the Top 1, achieve your goals and increase your turnover.

  • We monitor and analyze 24/7

    We closely monitor all our SEO projects. We control daily the possible errors that can accur and constantly apply optimizations and improvements.



With constancy and dedications we will take your company to the Top 1 of search engines. Our experience and the rigour in our processes are a must to achieve all your goals.
Marc and Javi are our SEO specialists in Molismedia, the will be with you during all the process and answer all your questions. Shall we start?

  • Why do we need a SEO agency?

    You need to hire an SEO agency for your company, because to make good positioning you need to have a lot things on mind. Not only at the technical level, but also at the semantic and content level. Hiring a specialist SEO agency like Molismedia, allows you to have professionals at your disposal. You can be sure that good practices are applied and also that the team will be updated in everything related to web positioning.

  • How can we position our business in Google Maps?

    With geolocation techniques and using the tools that Googlegives us, we will position your company on Google Maps. The techniques applied are called local SEO and are used for nearby users to find your services.

  • How long will it take to be first on Google?

    The answer depends on many factors: the number of keywords for which you want to position the company, the type of competition, the budget dedicated to it, etc. What we can assure you is that we will make the most of the resources we have available to make the investment you make profitable.

  • Why choose Molismedia?

    Because we are one of the few agencies highly specialized in SEO and know deeply all the techniques and tools. Our experience and the results achieved guarantee us.



SEO Analysis

We analyze everything related to SEO on your digital environment. We will detect possible errors and new ways to communicate with your target audience.

SEO Analysis SEO Analysis

SEO On Page

If you want Google to reward you and show you in the top positions, is very important that the users find what they are looking for in your website.

SEO On Page SEO On Page

SEO Off Page

We will make your company an agent with authority in your sector. We will achieve that with quality links that point directly to your webpage.

SEO Off Page SEO Off Page

Local SEO

Through geolocalization and Google Maps positioning we will get nearby users to find your company.

Local SEO Local SEO


We will increase your domain and page authority, developing natural link strategis that point directaly to your website.

Linkbuilding Linkbuilding

Content marketing

Applying a rigorous methodology, we will get all the texts of your website to answer to what users are looking for.

Content marketing Content marketing