Experts capturing your target audience

Your target audience will be always at the core

We will ensure that the your company’s presence in social media counts, creating a specific strategy for you. Not everything goes for everyone, and not all social networks are made for all audiences. We will focus in that actions that really convert to achieve your goals. 

We will support you during all the process, from the beginning to the end. From the previous analysis, the creation or optimization of the necessary profiles, strategy and content plans, design, community galvanization, etc. You will always have one of our specialists at your disposal.

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How do we work


We apply a methodology that we've been developing and improving over time. Ou experience allows us to adapt it so that each project meets the required quality.

  • Analysis of your company's digital environment

    Wi will not only analyze the company's social media, but also those of the competition, its target audience, the way of communicating, etc. We will look for references in which to look to apply good practices and all possible creativity. .

  • Strategy's definition

    Having in mind all the analysis above, we will define a unique strategy thought to achieve your company's goals. We will decide which are the best channels to use to reach your goals taking into account the available resources.

  • Execution and optimization

    We will open the necessary social profiles and optimize the existing ones. We will develop the content plans, interact with the community and carry out the necessary actions to achieve the goals set.

  • Monitor and analyze 24/7

    We closely monitor all our social media projects. We control daily the possible errors that can occur and constantly apply optimizations and improvements.



Together we will create a unique strategy so that your company's social profiles become another way of communication with customers and potential customers.
Mònica and Ari are the specialists in Social Media of Molismedia, social networks are their natural habitat. They will be with you during all the process and answer all your questions. Shall we start?

  • Why do we need a Social Media Agency?

    Because it is the best way to be sure that professionals will develop and execute the best online communication strategy for your company. Having a team of specialists working for you allows you to be updated at all times and apply the best social media practices.

  • Whats the difference between Social Media and Community Management?

    To explain it in a very simple way: we can say that the Social Media manager is responsible for creating the strategy to follow, while the Community Manager is the one who will carry it out. In Molismedia we offer both services: from the creation of a strategy totally adapted to your objectives, to the daily execution of this and the interaction with your community.

  • Why do we need to invest in Social Media?

    Because nowadays social media is another way of communication with your target audience. It helps to have more visibility and generate brand awareness, and this can translate into sales. If your audience feels comfortable on social networks and spends time on them, why not interact with them from there?

  • Which are the best Social Networks for our company?

    This will depend on the industry in which you move and what your goals are. Not all social networks are good for all companies. Get in touch with us and we will carry out a small analysis of your business in order to give you an adequate response.



Analysis and optimization

We analyze your social media environment and your competitors. We will detect the target audiences and new ways of communication.

Analysis and optimization Analysis and optimization

Content generation

We generate content that is interesting to your audience. We will explore new ways to reach the people, whether through videos, gifs, photos, etc.

Content generation Content generation

Community Management

We will manage everything related to your communities in social media. Generating interaction with users and answering the possible questions that they have.

Community Management Community Management

Crisis management

Yes, crisis can occur! Having a good crisis management protocol defined when it happens is the best way to act on time and avoid bigger problems.

Crisis management Crisis management

Draw management

With raffles we generate interaction with the community, in addition to rewarding them and increasing the consideration of the brand.

Draw management Draw management

Audiovisual content

We generate all kinds of audiovisual content for your social media: videos, photographs, post design, etc. Surprise your followers!

Audiovisual content Audiovisual content